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  • Provide turnkey travel related solutions for Event Organizers in the travel industry
  • Proactive communication with participants to assist them in their hotel choices
  • Engage the local CVB, Chamber and/or Parks Department that have tourism objectives
  • Provide the Event Organizers the ability to focus on all related items within the venues
  • Provide participants a first class experience by assisting them with their travel arrangements for the event
  • Locate Hotel options within the needed community
  • Negotiate and sign hotel contracts for event with concessions outlined by the Event Owner
  • Provide the chosen Hotel partners ongoing communication to assist filling their committed inventory
  • As participants register for the event, we will be proactive and send an email with a follow-up phone call to everyone showcasing hotel options for that event
  • Process reservations as needed and supply participant with a confirmation email directly from their chosen hotel
  • Invoice and collect any related financial assistance from the community / hotels

Mission Statement

Travel Direction is dedicated to providing the highest quality of proactive customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, honesty, integrity, optimism, friendliness and individual pride to encourage memory making experiences.

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Working at the Front Desk and a Resident Advisor while attending North Carolina State University, I was bitten by the sales bug and started my relational sales career with Hilton Hotels immediately upon graduation.  As I relocated to Atlanta, Charlotte and then Myrtle Beach, I continued to grow my career in various sales and service capacities and most recently had the honor of working as the Executive Director at the Myrtle Beach Regional Sports Alliance where I lead the strategic sales efforts for 60 miles of oceanfront beaches in the sport tourism and hospitality industry.  I have extensive training in the hospitality and sport tourism industries including service on the Board of Directors and a past Chairman of the Board of the industry’s national association, the National Association of Sports Commission.  

My customer focused sales style which fosters and creates lasting relationships has proven successful in my career.

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